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Full-service marketing consultancy that maximises your business opportunities.

Specialising in B2B companies, insurance, risk, compliance and vocational education.



Hillster Marketing understands the value of providing practical solutions to maximise business opportunities.

We provide businesses with a wide range of marketing and strategic support to enable them to move forward.

Hillster Marketing has developed a particular specialism within the risk and technical space. Where companies are delivering a technical or complex product in sectors such as insurance, risk, engineering, compliance, vocational education and the environment, we have the experience to help.

We have also worked with clients in a variety of sectors from tourism to teaching giving us the background to help most businesses – if we aren’t going to be right for you, we will be honest and tell you.

We strive to be


The solutions and programs are designed to be practical, easy to implement and clearly linked to business needs.

We encourage straight forward objectives that enable clients to easily measure success.


We are passionate about working in partnership with our clients so they improve and prosper.


No matter what industry you are in, yours is a people business.

We recognise it is much easier to manage, if you actually relate to the people you work with.

We make ‘unsexy’ businesses sparkle

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