Your new financial year tips – and it is ‘Christmas in July’ Down Under!


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With the new Australian Financial Year arriving here are some diverse suggestions to keep you steaming ahead – and try something different over the coming months.

Top 5 hotties

Sit down and write the names of your 5 top prospects for the next 12 months – the ones that will give the biggest boost to your bottom line. Now, take each one separately and develop a completely personalised action plan. For example, who do you know who can help, what can you do to get their attention, can you give them something that adds value or support the same event/charity/sports team?

Put Santa to work again

In Australia and New Zealand, ‘Christmas in July’ is a great excuse to say thank you to your new and renewing customers – and your people too – it will strengthen those vital relationships.

Try some new tech

The pace of change never slows. Doing the same as you’ve always done won’t keep you moving forward. Give some new (or just new to you) tech a try. Maybe it’s Skype meetings with your clients before sending that annual invoice or adding Live Chat to your website. The insurance industry can now benefit from online risk profiling platform . Yes, I have to admit a vested interest but the added value it brings to a client/insurer/broker relationship could be worth thousands to you. The trick is not to try too many new things. Pick one and make it work.

Up the social responsibility ante

Everyone is much more in tune with social responsibility. Most of you will be doing something to help the local community and I suggest using the next financial year as a time to up the ante. Why? Involving your team will increase their sense of pride in working for you and help attract new talent. It can also benefit the business through strong ties with a client or networking with a new pool of prospects – in fact the best communities to help are those that your business and customers care about, not just one local to the office. And finally, it’s simply a great thing to do.

Compliance is great

No, really! Especially in the insurance industry, compliance is often seen as a necessary evil. In actual fact, if you use it in a positive way, a strong compliance and good business practice base will help your business thrive and increase trust levels. I’m lucky enough to have got to know and www.compliance-master.comwho are great partners to help you.

And a final note

If you haven’t yet seen ABC’s new series War on Waste then watch it. It’s eye opening and will make you think about how and why we have become such a wasteful society As a plug for my local Toy Library they are a great way to reduce the number of toys going into landfill every year –

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