Strategic stuff

Brand positioning – the starting point for any business is to make sure what they stand for and how they portray themselves is consistent and valued by customers

Marketing planning – working with you to produce an action orientated marketing plan that is practical, insightful, effective and can actually be implemented!

Tactical action

Advertising – creating effective cut-through advertising ranging from a single instance through to integrated multi-channel campaigns and media placement

Brochureware – ensure marketing materials reflect where the business is going and act as genuine sales tools

Direct marketing – connecting with customers in ways that are relevant to them
Internal communications – employees are the lifeblood of any organisation and engaging them is key to
business success

Event management – strategic and on-site support to maximise return from trade shows, conferences and events

Public relations – not just getting heard in the media but saying the right thing every time

Newsletters – development and production for client and internal audiences

Socialise – define and deliver the best way for your business to engage and benefit from social media

Sponsorship maximisation – from choosing the right sponsorship to driving increased value from existing arrangements that may have gone stale

Website development and optimisation – ensuring a web presence that doesn’t just look pretty, but actually delivers a benefit to the organisation



The Hillster Consulting  arm of the business uses bespoke software designed in the US and Harvard based thinking. It is available in Australia exclusively to Hillster Consulting, measures and benchmarks the strength of client relationships. It is also able to pin point exactly what components of a relationship need improvement and have targeted training programs to make a tangible difference.