#Roger v #Rafa what did we learn from the most anticipated tennis match in years?

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Keep your eye on the ball Photo credit: richardkhor via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

I was one of the millions of people glued to the Australian Open tennis and I was pleased to see the Men’s Final live up to all the hype – the Women’s was great too. The first thing that struck me was how cool it is that Roger, Rafa, Serena and Venus were all so excited to be in the final, with Roger and Serena positively ecstatic about winning.

Few people I know are that passionate about their jobs after 20+ years, achieving everything and earning tens of millions in the process – it is refreshing to see.

Here’s 3 other things that I learnt from the game:

1. Play to your strengths – Roger and Rafa are both masters at setting up the rally so they have the opportunity to play their most devastating shots. In business, do we know what our best shots are, let alone how to set up client engagements to be able to play them effectively? Side note – this video of how Agassi used being able to read Becker’s serve is fascinating.

2. You need a team – even in an individual sport. The best players have the best teams around them to help make sure that when they step on the court they perform at their best. How many sales interactions (in person or electronic) can we honestly say are backed up by the best material, training and preparation?

3. Reboot – it is not just computers that respond well to the odd reboot. Both Roger and Rafa had extensive lay-offs from the sport over the past year and have come back re-energised. On a micro level, Roger taking an injury break before the last set in both his semi and the final helped him get back on track. We all need a reboot too – whether it is simply a day off, a new project or something more substantive like a change of role. Find the type of reboot that’s going to help you come back better than ever.

Right, having watched Roger’s awesome display, I’m off to spend more time on my single handed topspin backhand!

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