Promote your business to the insurance industry – media coverage guarantee

Getting your voice heard by the right people in the insurance industry is key to growing your business within this important industry sector.

Whether you are trying to speak to brokers, ARs, insurers or other industry professionals, Hillster Marketing can guarantee you coverage in insurance industry publications. Hillster Marketing is focused on working with companies in and around the insurance sector. Many of the major insurance journalists around the world are not just good contacts – we count them as friends.

And fear not – we even know all the industry acronyms!

Take advantage of the media coverage guarantee now.

Working with Nick has most certainly changed the way people perceive us in the insurance marketplace and he has raised both our on-line and our media presence. Not only that, he has changed the way we see ourselves, which has occurred through industry feedback as a result of the additional exposure. He has shown us that we have a voice, and a worthy one, too. A great result for our first three months.
Sheila Baker, Managing Director Gold Seal – the best compliance, education and HR providers in the business.

To find out more call Nick Hill on +61 (0)419 371 018 or contact us

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