Plain English Award candidate – NOT

So, I recently received this letter from a law firm. As I’m sure the savvy amongst you will know it has something to do with a company that has gone into receivership.

Plain English

As those far cleverer than me will know, it is designed to give me some information about the progress with respect to my getting the money I am owed back.

My plea to the cleverer ones – please explain what it means and whether I am supposed to do anything with it?????! Clearly, a degree, post graduate diploma and a few years under my belt does not qualify me to fully understand this letter!

Finally, a request to all companies, especially law firms, may I suggest you get someone outside your office to read the letters you are about to send and check they are clear to the recipients.

I’m sure it had to be sent for compliance reasons – but there is nothing in compliance that says you shouldn’t be able to understand the letter!

If you know anyone else who sends similar letters then please post them up here and even send the ‘offenders’ my way as I’d love to help!

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