Meet Hillster


Hillster Marketing is all about providing practical solutions to tackle business challenges. We provide businesses with a wide range of marketing and strategic support to help them move forward.

Hillster Marketing has developed a particular specialism within the risk and technical space. Where companies are delivering a technical or complex product in sectors such as insurance, risk, engineering, compliance and the environment, we have a variety of proven tools to help.

We have also worked with clients in a variety of sectors from tourism to teaching giving us the background to help most businesses – but if we aren’t going to be right for you we will be honest and tell you.

We strive to be:


Hillster Marketing is not content with sitting back and being average. We are passionate about working together with our clients so they improve and prosper.


Solutions and programs developed by Hillster Marketing are designed to be practical, easy to implement and clearly linked to business needs. We encourage straight forward objectives that enable clients to easily measure success.


No matter what industry you are in, yours is a people business. We recognise it is much more enjoyable if you actually get on with the people you work with.

We love making ‘unsexy’ businesses sexy



Adding value to client relationships

Hillster Marketing has signed a Strategic Partnership with leading American client relationship consultancy firm, Brookeside, to deliver their innovative Sales Equity client relationship value measurement software and associated training programs to Australian organisations.


Hillster Marketing’s people are all experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring real results. Hillster Marketing was founded by its Director, Nick Hill in 2009 after a successful career helping market organisations around the world.