Insight Business Lifestyle Magazine launched

I’m excited to be involved in the launch of a new online publication to tell real life business stories and provide useful tips and advice to hard working business people.

Insight Business Lifestyle will share what people have learnt from their successes and their challenges to provide an interesting, tangible read. You can subscribe to the regular newsletter here.

The first edition has the great story of Josh Murray who, aged only nine, started his own organic egg business. He went from selling eggs to people near his dad’s office, moved on to Farmer’s Markets and is now selling into both Coles and Woolworths – and he is still only 15!

Peter Mills from Compliance Master talks about developing the World’s most advanced risk-based auditing and inspection software, Bill Elmer from Choice Home Loans tells us why he stopped being self-employed and Peter Nolle from Treadstone talks about what he learnt from growing his Government Grant and Business Development Consultancy.

We also have tips on useful technology tools, healthy eating and improving your marketing effectiveness.

SUBSCRIBE NOW - and tell us what you think. Got an interesting story to tell? Send me a message and let me know.

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