How Katy Perry can improve your marketing

This week I went to a Katy Perry concert with my wife and was treated to a fantastic show – even if it took me a while to get over the fact I was in a massive minority being male and over 20!
After that I couldn’t stop thinking how impressively the event had been put together.
Here’s five things we can learn from the Katy Perry experience:
1. 60.3 million Twitter followers can’t be wrong. Having a favourable brand audience helps you instil excitement and energy into every activity you do. By constantly speaking to your clients and prospects they are more likely to become brand advocates.
2. Throw money at the problem. Katy’s amazing staging shows a massive budget helps.  Sure, we aren’t all blessed with large budgets but there does come a time when throwing some additional money at a problem rather than constantly penny pinching leads to a far better outcome – and saves a lot of hassle along the way.
3. Plan and plan more. Every single aspect of the two hour show was meticulously planned to the smallest detail. When people are paying you a lot of money for your products or services planning how, not just what, you deliver makes a huge difference.
4. You can’t beat a flaming guitar suspended in mid air. Everything in the show was designed for maximum impact. Flaming guitars are fantastic but one of the biggest impacts was simply when all the lights went off and the flourescent trimming on Katy’s dress was all that could be seen. What can you do to add a bit of theatrical impact?
5. Give your VIPs something special. Every business has VIPs. Katy had them in a central section right by the stage and made sure she sang and reached out to many of them. Are you making your VIPs feel special?
So Katy, thank you for a great evening – and I can truly say I’ve never seen anyone with so many sparkly microphones!
P.s. If anyone knows young Michael Horowitz from Melbourne who received a pizza on stage please shake his hand. This slightly awkward lad was a superstar.
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