A message to journalists from PR Professionals

I have just read a great post by Zach Weiner about PR professionals working with journalists.

Like Zach, I have read many blogs and ‘how to’ guides for dealing with journalists but this is the first one I have seen that talks about how journalists should deal with PR professionals – and save on those annoying follow up calls.

Essentially, the post is requesting journalists to let people know when an article is going to run (admittedly a tough one) and ‘not leave them hanging’ regarding whether a pitch is successful.

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised by a journalist from the Australian Financial Review who responded to my pitch by simply saying, “Thanks for the interview opportunity. I could not do that.”

He has saved himself a couple of extra emails and phone calls but also increased my respect for him – and if I found a great newsworthy story that was in his field, I would now be keener to offer it to him as an exclusive to help him out.

I do know, as some of the comments on the blog attest to, that journalists are spread very thinly and have a ridiculous amount to do within crazy deadlines. However, I do think that some basic responses would help both parties.

Read the Zach’s blog

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