5 things I’ve learnt from 5 years of Hillster Marketing

Hillster Marketing is now 5 years old and I’ve learnt a lot of things – here are my favourites. Also, lots of people talk to me about the challenges of creating great content, so we have formed a partnership with Zebra Vision to develop text and video content and then post it online and on social media. Finally, see the bottom of this blog for some great festive car number plates. 5 things I’ve learnt from founding Hillster Marketing:

1. Knowing you’ve earned every cent (or Penny in the UK) gives a great sense of achievement – it is harder to demonstrate this in the corporate world, but if you can show/tell people how their contribution directly influences business success, the more committed employees will be.

2. Corporate life is good, no really! – People have a habit of dissing corporate life. It actually has lots going for it, including more resources to do stuff, a support infrastructure, IT assistance, job security, ability to focus on your specific role and a pleasant office environment – and don’t forget the regular pay packet.

3. There are great people out there - I’ve met so many fascinating people who are great at what they do. It pays to get out there and meet new people. You may even find the person to solve your business problems. So, if you need anything from a fabulous IP Lawyer and pest control expert to state-of-the-art risk based auditing software and the country’s best workplace injury treatment just let me know!

4. Some people don’t deserve a job – I’ve become increasing intolerant of people disinterested in providing a good service, leaving you left with a negative impression of their organisation. These people seem particularly prevalent in the health industry, larger corporate and government organisations. With so many people desperate for a job, these ‘quitters that stay’ really shouldn’t!

5. Plans are great but action is greater – I’ve seen, and written, some great marketing plans for businesses but a plan is nothing without execution. Yes, get your plan right but make sure you get it out there and test it so you reap the benefits and make ongoing improvements.

So, what will the next five years hold? It is hard to say, but working with leading American consultancy firm Brookeside has led to the formation of Hillster Consulting. Using the Sales Equity tool, Hillster Consulting has been established to help businesses get a real picture of how loyal their clients are, and crucially, what specific actions to take to increase revenue. If you are like one of the numerous people I’ve spoken to who want to put great content online but don’t have the time or the resources to do it, we have developed a 90 day plan to develop videos, blogs, e-newsletters to get your message out there CLICK FOR MORE

Lastly, here are some amusing festive number plates I’ve seen recently:

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